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#Wordless Wednesday



Throwback Thursday: tiny tzu


Mama Nene with 9 months old Hershey on the way to the vets…

Tongues-out Tuesday: Whooper’s cone

cone of fame-whopper

suffering is optional when you wear the cone of shame like a fashion accessory… and you know you look good with it in the photo…

~ Whopper The Shih Tzu

#TOT #coneofshame


Hershey’s Fashionably TOT pics

methinks I need a coffee break

methinks I need a coffee break

2015-04-13 07.36.23

Throwback Thursday: hanging out VB style

1 month old Vanilla Bean

1 month old Vanilla Bean

My one month old self was so fearless posing for the camera. I was literally hanging out on an empty air-plant container five feet above the ground! I looked so cute don’t you think? – x0x0x Vanilla Bean

Curtain mischief

Before you come out, you need to know that they did it on their own.

Before you come out, you need to know that they did it on their own.

The cure for boredom is curiosity.  There is no cure for curiosity.  ~Dorothy Parker

To our Overseer:

Max and Hershey thought to give you a surprise this morning. They tried to help by folding the freshly laundered Lace curtain dangling at a side of the table. However, the curtain panicked and it tried to fight them…

curatin mischief
Max and Hershey fought back. Keanna and I felt horrified that this fragile stuff came into contact with Max and Hershey’s claws and fangs. If it used its brain, it avoided a fight with the pair of Shih Tzu.

This photo will not get us convicted.

This photo will not get us convicted. – Hershey Shih Tzu

We are so sorry to tell you that the Lace curtain suffered from physical injuries — it had huge rips here and there. It’s not a pretty thing to hang anymore. The best course of action is to say good bye and replace it with a new one.

As for Max and Hershey, we plead pardon for what they did. After all, this is their first mischief of the year.

x0x0x Vanilla Bean ShihPoo

Slumber Sunday: Shih Tzu bed

2014-08-31 21.47.05

Somethingone comfy and cushiony that gives belly rubs when requested — that’s the ideal bed for a pampered Shih Tzu like Hershey. Do you have one at home? x0x0x Vanilla Bean