Slumber Sunday: pillow-fight


I attacked Kenji’s pillow… I guess I lost the fight the moment I began to snore…

∼ Hershey The Shih Tzu♥

# sleeping_dog


Throwback Thursday: tiny tzu


Mama Nene with 9 months old Hershey on the way to the vets…

Tongues-out Tuesday: Whooper’s cone

cone of fame-whopper

suffering is optional when you wear the cone of shame like a fashion accessory… and you know you look good with it in the photo…

~ Whopper The Shih Tzu

#TOT #coneofshame


2016 New Year’s Resolution


  1. Aside from daily walks, DEMAND a smell-walk during weekends. 20160102_162838
  2. Give Twinkle the gimme-dat-look when she’s holding some sweeties; she needs to achieve that weight loss goal.20160102_163021
  3. show more emotions in photos… not just tongue.20160102_162859

♥ Hershey the Shih Tzu ♥

Hershey’s Fashionably TOT pics

methinks I need a coffee break

methinks I need a coffee break

2015-04-13 07.36.23

Wordless Wednesday: wind-tussled



Silence and Strawberry

my favorite flavor so far...My sweet tooth cannot live with fresh strawberries alone. It pines for the smoothness of cream and the cold embrace of ice. My thoughts stop as my tongue springs into action. A scoop of strawberry delight is fleeting and tastes better when licked in silence. I don’t understand why one spoon is my limit. I need to ask some more. x0x0x Vanilla Bean

strawberry icecream