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#Wordless Wednesday




Happy Mother’s Day

Mothers Day Greeting

p.s. — Mum, err… methinks I soiled the kitchen floor this morning… again.

p.s. — Mothers Day is your special holiday… so it’s okay if you can’t clean my crate today… you can do it tomorrow.

Slumber Sunday: a rug joke


If I hear my young human giggles during cold mornings, that’s when I found myself as a feet warmer…

– Max the Shih-Tzu

Friend-Foto Friday: Nooki the Pug

“She’s born a comedian; she could make people grin without a woof.” That’s my first impression on Nooki the Pug when I first met her at a doggie party last December 2011.

See the photo on the right? yep, that’s her  as Ms. Santa… She’s a fashionista who could tolerate doggie boots… Also, she’s a puparazzi-favorite because she’s a posey-pooch who definitely luvs the limelight, pats and attention.

Anyway, dog owners here in our province thought she’s cute with her silver coat. Some even asked if she’s single and available… Alas, they were dismayed to find out she’s spayed…

Which image is cuter: The Pugly or The Princess?

seen at the Fun Match Dog Show 2012. Photo courtesy of Fritz Yap (Robocop’s owner) and text by Twinkle

Folks thought Robocop and Nooki are a match made in heaven…



-xoxox Vanilla Bean

pre-bedtime woofs

Max the Shih-Tzu is a woofer (that is, a dog who can produce more woofs than I in a minute)…*sigh*…I have to vacate the bed to shut him up… – Vanilla Bean

Mischief Monday: coconut husk shredders

 We love hanging out in the garden…

and we seek ways to help the Garden Chief (big momma).

See these chunks of coconut husks?… Well, the Garden Chief uses them as potting medium for her Anthurium plants. So, I decided to help her out with these today…

I chose a big chunk among the pile, settled in the most comfortable chair at the sala, and sank my teeth into the husk. To speed up the job, I enlisted Max as my assistant…

see…natural fibers loosen so easily with our combined efforts…

We’re such a good team…

I guess Max the Shih-Tzu enjoyed being a dog-shredder… He ripped another chunk on his own and littered the floor with coconut fibers. He’s so absorbed with what he’s doing that he didn’t notice Big Momma at the door… oh dawg… I forgot to brief him about the M word   (Mischief). *cross paws* I hoped his parents taught him the “innocent look”…

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Have a happy week ahead.

 x0x0x Vanilla Bean 😉