Tongues-out Tuesday: Whooper’s cone

cone of fame-whopper

suffering is optional when you wear the cone of shame like a fashion accessory… and you know you look good with it in the photo…

~ Whopper The Shih Tzu

#TOT #coneofshame



Happy Hearts Day; Hershey is 2!

Hershey is 2

I will paint the town red!

Wordless Wednesday: ewok in pink


Wordless Wednesday: wind-tussled



Throwback Thursday: hanging out VB style

1 month old Vanilla Bean

1 month old Vanilla Bean

My one month old self was so fearless posing for the camera. I was literally hanging out on an empty air-plant container five feet above the ground! I looked so cute don’t you think? – x0x0x Vanilla Bean

Wordless Wednesday: blending in


If I stand still, people may think I’m part of this sculpture. Heheh… x0x0x Vanilla Bean

Slumber Sunday: sleeping at the doorway

sleeping on duty

We couldn’t go out without waking Keanna. She’s guarding the doorway while sleeping on her back. No sneaking out without her permission… x0x0x Vanilla Bean