2016 New Year’s Resolution


  1. Aside from daily walks, DEMAND a smell-walk during weekends. 20160102_162838
  2. Give Twinkle the gimme-dat-look when she’s holding some sweeties; she needs to achieve that weight loss goal.20160102_163021
  3. show more emotions in photos… not just tongue.20160102_162859

♥ Hershey the Shih Tzu ♥


Mischief at the warf

sulky HersheyHershey was out of sync with the pack. She’s sulky. It seemed like all the fun went out with her pee. (Physically, she’s in good health… but she was forlorn.)


This place smells weird.

Our concerned hu-mom thought Hershey needed a boost, a change of scenery perhaps. So, Overseer brought my red-haired sister to a place that was unfamiliar  — the Tubod Warf. Naturally, I volunteered to accompany this grumpy gal as I know the place.
twarf4She sniffed the air; her nose met the Sea breeze. It playfully tussled her hair, too. Her ears instinctively twitched at the the gushing sound of the waves. It probably sent tranquility vibes to her brain.

She took several deep breaths. After 5 minutes, she began to smile and relax. Obviously, this walk rejuvenated her and brought back her spunky self. Ah, such was the power of Nature.

twarf9While she took note of our surroundings, I was busy nosing around… the joy of walking off-leash rose a notch!
20150117_161341Hey, what was that guy doing? Kenji explained the fisherman had to position the net so he would catch a school of fish in the water.

2015-01-17 16.07.25I got curious. I went for a closer look. The gate was closed but no sign indicated ‘Keep Out’ or ‘Restricted’.
2015-01-17 16.08.18Mischief-mode activated, I crawled my way in… and explored the place that had a strong smell of fish. My nose told me that mostly male folks ages twenty and above came in this area.

Okay, my curious self was satisfied. Panguil Bay looked better in there, a cool place to hang out to refresh one’s spirit. Can you see me smiling?  I would remember this as the best walk of the week. – x0x0x Vanilla Bean ShihPoo


 This post is in response to the Blogging Prompt: Re-springing your step.


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Friend-Foto Friday: the Beagles

“When I grow up, I want to have a dog like Snoopy for a pet. We will play Fetch with a ball and Frisbee,” declared my 11 year-old nephew Kenji. “What is Snoopy’s breed? Have you seen one?” he asked.

“Snoopy is a Beagle.” I replied. “No, I haven’t met any Beagles so far.”


Two months after, we went to a dog gathering… and met a cute pair of Beagles named Wally and Belle.


energetic Beagles — Wally and Belle

“Hey, you want to learn about Beagles here’s your chance,” I told Kenji. “They are coming toward us.”

2014-12-13 16.15.24

Kenji had a chat with owners Kevin and JoAnn. Meanwhile, Max greeted with Wally and Belle. They even posed for the camera.

We socialized with other dog owners, too. After this event, Kenji told me that he got interested with another breed —  Siberian Husky. “When I grow up I want a dog similar to Hiro,” he said. “Do all Sibes have blue eyes?” he asked with fascination.

He’s so fickle. I wonder how he would react in front of a Great Dane. (We hope Ian, the dog owner of a GD  would show up next time.)


Hiro the Siberian Husky and his crew.

Finally, a game of fetch

frolic1Kenji has a new ball in his pocket. He plans to play fetch with us in Rizal Park. (He dreams of this day for a year.) So, he tags along in our walk.
frolic3If this ball is made of caramelized popcorn, I will definitely fetch it… and eat it. Sorry Kenji, I’m not a ball-lovin pooch. Peaches is crazy with it though.


Peaches whispers ‘my precious’ to the ball.

My fawn sister keeps her eyes on that ball. She how she runs to fetch it and returns it to Kenji.


(We are fortunate to have to park to ourselves at this hour. We have so much area to move around.)


 ♥ ♥ ♥

frolic8Also, we play a game of hide-and-seek. It’s a nose-exercise for us. We know Kenji’s location; we can sniff him but we can’t see him. Where is he hiding?

Oh there he is. Our Kenji-monkey perches 0n the sculpture. How about you, did you have fun today?

♥ ♥ ♥

x0x0x Vanilla Bean

Social Saturday: A warm greeting to Hopper

Woof, woof, woof.

It was mid-day; Max was usually on patrol duty around that time. His vigorous woofing woke the rest of the snoozing pack… and in unison, we barked our greetings to someone at the gate.

woofing a greeting

greeting Madame A at our gate

It was Madame A; she held a stuffed-toy. Err… the seemingly stuffed animal smelled like a 5-month old male pup who had Adobo for breakfast.

puppy Hopper

puppy Hopper

Aww… what a cutie… Hey, he looked like someone we know. (*All eyes on Max)

surprised Max

Doh… the resemblance was unmistakable. Madame A confirmed that Max was indeed Hopper’s sire.

Congrats Max; it’s a boy.

Have a nice Saturday.

x0x0x Vanilla Bean


P.S. — Overseer is trying a new theme as suggested by Blogging 101 course.

Blogging 101 Assignment: Introduce Yourself

I’m into fur even though I live in the tropics… but unlike Cruella De Vil, I prefer that the fur is still attached to its owner — a four-legged person with wagging tail.


One fur-kid is not enough; I have 6 of them in my pack.

My friends and acquaintances often ask why my social media accounts (Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, etc.) contain photos and posts of my fur-babies. I tell them ‘why not?’ I guess they expect to view a showcase my work in a fashion, craft, or sewing blog… not a pet blog in WordPress. Some of them don’t even  think that a serious-looking gal like me can blog about pets. Writing about pets is not THAT serious, they say. Tsk… tsk…

vanilla bean shihpoo

The star of my blog is Vanilla Bean the ShihPoo, isn’t she cute?.

Blogging about my pooch is mainly to chronicle my ShihPoo’s behavior in various settings and situations, to connect with other passionate pet-owners online, and to get acquainted with the pet industry.  Also, it is an excuse for my interest in Photography and in Pet Fashion. So far, I learn that there are people online who live with a daily dose of Cuteness Overload in their diet.

Me and Max at a doggie party.

Me and Max at a doggie party.

Okay, a little more about myself:   I’m Twinkle – the Overseer of 6 adorable dogs and a mom of baby JJ.

From 5th grade up to the present, I’m into crafts that involve fabrics, needles, threads and yarns. Although I have a college degree in Bachelor of Arts major in English, I pursue my passion for clothes, clothes, and more clothes. (but if there’s a reset button I would have taken up Welding, or Fashion Marketing, or Animal Science or Vet Medicine… oh well, hindsight.)

The years 2003 to 2009 are “The Dog-less Moments” of my life. During these times, I worked as a pattern-maker/dressmaker at Fahda’s DressShop in Riyadh, K.S.A. and Melly Fashion in Bokowarah, Kingdom of Bahrain. I can really say that living without dogs is such a sad, sad life. But what to do? There’s a No-Dogs Policy in my flat-accommodations in those countries.


Anyway, if I blog successfully throughout the next year, I hope to gain at least 10 new friends in WordPress. 😉

Slumber Sunday: first lazy Sunday of 2015

lazy Sunday morning
Drizzly and sunny at the same time this morning; tropical weather is so unpredictable!

We prefer to get dirt on our paws, sniffing pee-mails and spending excess energy on an early morning sprint … but Mother Nature is in the mood for a wet morning. (*sigh) She gives us a pretty sight to see though — a rainbow above our home. We still hope for a sunny afternoon.

rainbow above our home

Have a nice day!


x0x0x Vanilla Bean the ShihPoo