Tiki-tiki vitamins for puppies?

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During the pups first week, we administer a .5mL drop of Tiki-tiki multi-vitamins to each of them though some people would argue that this syrup is intended for human babies. I’ve noticed that the puppies gladly licked the brown liquid and seemed to ask for more. We do this only for a week in the morning while our nursing dog Princess is eating her breakfast.

With our experience with pets, we noticed that the Tiki-tiki puppies are healthier than those whelps without vitamin supplements. They have nicer fur, rounder bodies and more alert than their counterparts.Β  A friend of my mom, who owns dogs herself, recommended it.

Moreover, United American Tiki-tiki is available in drugstore here in my town. It is very cheap, the 15 ml bottle with a bright yellow label is just about fifty-plus pesos and it comes with a dropper. I definitely give this one an A+ rate.


41 thoughts on “Tiki-tiki vitamins for puppies?

      • Hello. Ilang dosage po kaya ng tikitiki pag 1 year and 2 months na po yung aso. Tsaka dapat po ba araw araw?? Payat po kasi yung aspin namin. Mapili sa pagkain. Sana matulungan niyo po ako.

      • Usually ay 0.5ml ng tikitiki or dog vitamins binibigay ko dati everyday lalo na pag di magana kumain ung alaga ko. Pag ok na appetite nya, every other day na lng.

    • Hi Ren, thanks for dropping by… what we did was this: we give each puppies .5ml Tiki-tiki drops once a day for just 7 days straight… then that’s it. A good alternative to Tiki-Tiki would be natural honey…

      • yung puppy po namin 1mon na .. parang mejo mahina lng sya pwede po ba bigyan ng tikitiki and kung bbgyan po namin 7days lng ba straight di ba pwede tuloytuloy
        tnx po

  1. is it ok to use it from birth to 7 months? i am using tiki tiki star right now giving her 5 ml a day… answer pls

  2. helo poh i ned help my puppy 6mns old he dont like to eat start nung friday until now sunday he alwys vomiting and dotn like to eat,and now im planning to give him a tiki tiki i hope its working ..

  3. hello! i have a pet cat which is 5 mos old… how much tiki tiki and how many time a week should i administer? thank you so much po.

  4. is there any negative effect happen or report na there’s a bad thing going when you give tiki-tiki to a puppy? Thanks po!

  5. Yesterday i bought Tiki-tiki Drops for my Puppy Khen-khen. He is only 1 month and half old and before we notice that everytime he moved it seems like he is shy and sick but amazingly he became active when we gave him tiki- tiki that afternoon but the thing is that we cant sleep cause he was crying and wanted us to play with him in the middle of the night . It really sucks but funny when we woke me up before my alarm rings he was pulling my pillow out in our bed.And from morning till afternoon he was just sleeping.I think it is better to give tiki-tiki in the morning..

    2 thubs up for tiki-tiki

  6. Is Tiki-tiki good for kittens din po? My kittens are sick and I gave them 3ml of tiki-tiki just once po.. I don’t know if it’s working. I’ve read kasi that med for humans should not be given to animals, natakot lang po ako. Please reply.

  7. Hello! pwede pa po ba yung tiki-tiki for my 2 year old lab? Napapansin ko kasi na medyo payat siya. Mahina din kasi kumain minsan. Hope you guys can give me good advice. Thanks.

  8. hello ask q lng po sna if its ok qng painumin q po ng tiki tiki ung 2 months old q na pomeranian cross breed ng janpanesse spitz pra lao po cyang tumaba at qng ilang ml po at ilang beses sa isang linggo q cya papainumin thank oyu po sna ma replayan nyo po aq.. god bless πŸ™‚

  9. My 2 months old puppy nung pinadeworm ko sa vet pinescribed sa kanya ung tiki tiki .50ml once a day. After a week bumigat ung timbang nya, lalong kumulit & antukin πŸ˜‰

  10. I bought a 1 month and 3 weeks pomspitz.I gave him tiki tiki plus for 3 days now. A dead worm comes out on his bum. i guess tiki tiki kills worm.

  11. hello..pwede po ba ang tiki tiki for my 2 year old dog? Kasi ilang araw na din syang pakonti konti at walang ganang kumain..thanks

  12. Hi good day… i have 4 kittens turning 1 month old tomorrow. pwede rin ba yung tiki tiki para sa kanila? problema ko din kase yung mga mata nila minumuta at di maidilat kung hindi ko pupunasan ng warm water. would tiki tiki help them from this case? ask lng dn ako ng other suggestions niyo na pwede kong gawin para sa problem nila. idon’t have the guts to take them to the vet wala rin naman akong maipambayad (walang pera). hoping for your reply.

  13. Hello po. . Ayaw po kumain ng aspin namin. Wala nmn vet. D2 sa lugar namin. . Pwede q po ba xang painumin ng tiki tiki kahit di xa kunakain?? Mag 2 months plng xa ngaun.

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