outlook while yawning


#Wordless Wednesday


Slumber Sunday: pillow-fight


I attacked Kenji’s pillow… I guess I lost the fight the moment I began to snore…

∼ Hershey The Shih Tzu♥

# sleeping_dog

Throwback Thursday: tiny tzu


Mama Nene with 9 months old Hershey on the way to the vets…

Tongues-out Tuesday: Whooper’s cone

cone of fame-whopper

suffering is optional when you wear the cone of shame like a fashion accessory… and you know you look good with it in the photo…

~ Whopper The Shih Tzu

#TOT #coneofshame


2016 New Year’s Resolution


  1. Aside from daily walks, DEMAND a smell-walk during weekends. 20160102_162838
  2. Give Twinkle the gimme-dat-look when she’s holding some sweeties; she needs to achieve that weight loss goal.20160102_163021
  3. show more emotions in photos… not just tongue.20160102_162859

♥ Hershey the Shih Tzu ♥

Hershey’s Fashionably TOT pics

methinks I need a coffee break

methinks I need a coffee break

2015-04-13 07.36.23

Happy Hearts Day; Hershey is 2!

Hershey is 2

I will paint the town red!